Buoyant Elastically Tethered Articulated (BETA) platform

This patented, collision tolerant structure is called the Buoyant Elastically Tethered Articulated (BETA) platform. It is surprisingly rigid (barely moving in 10-ft seas), yet if run over by a vessel it bends 90 degrees at a joint located at the seafloor, then immediately "pops" back up. This version endured ten years 15 miles out in the Gulf of Mexico. It withstood numerous collisions - and a direct hit by Hurricane Elena - without damage.

BETA in Gulf of Mexico


The original BETA tower evolved into the Collision Proof (CoPr) piling - a cost-effective alternative whenever traffic, ice, or debris endangers a marine or riverine structure.

Please see the: The Collision Proof Piling Page

Collision Proof (CoPr) Piling Pictoral

Collision Proof (CoPr) Piling Diagram

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