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Underwater Remote Sensing Survey of Naval Station Pascagoula
A review of the past cultural environment and an underwater remote sensing survey of proposed expansion at Naval Station Pascagoula, including a multi-beam bathymetric survey, a sidescan sonar survey, and a magnetometer survey. Targets of potential interest were selected by evaluating the characteristics of sidescan features and magnetic anomalies recorded during the surveys. A high-resolution bathymetric contour map was produced. Thirty-two acoustic targets detected by the sidescan sonar and thirteen magnetic anomalies detected by the magnetometer were identified, positioned, and plotted on bathymetric and magnetic field strength contour plots. The targets and magnetic anomalies are discussed for significance. Six acoustic targets and 3 magnetic anomalies were identified as warranting further investigation and identification. Diver relocation and evaluation for these targets are recommended.

US Army Engineer District Mobile

Technical Report : "Underwater Remote Sensing Survey of Naval Station Pascagoula"


Snapshot of image from side scan sonar survey, showing anchor and mooring chain of a navigation buoy (in red box, and enlarged at right)



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