Project Greenshores

Project Greenshores is a habitat restoration effort that will create emergent and submerged saltmarsh vegetation along ~ 1 mile of urban shoreline on the northwest shore of Pensacola Bay, FL. The primary objective is to create a highly visible, habitat-rich, educational shoreline restoration project, which will serve as a restoration model for other disturbed areas of estuarine shoreline. The eastern, Phase I of the project was completed in 2003; Phase II  is scheduled for construction in 2005.

Though it uses the local, natural saltmarsh estuaries as a design guide, Project Greenshores serves as more than just increased vegetated habitat. Offshore segmented breakwaters will provide wave protection for the marshes, and the breakwaters and saltmarshes will, in turn, protect a major highway immediately upland from erosion. The marsh will help to improve water quality by serving as “kidneys” to filter and reuse nutrients from stormwater runoff, which currently enters the bay unimpeded. Pocket beaches formed by joining tombolos between the segmented breakwaters will invite nesting sea birds, while the narrow, sinuous, natural-looking will invite canoeists and kayakers. A nature trail will be constructed, along which will be placed educational signage explaining the important functions of coastal and estuarine habitats. In addition, thousands of city dwellers will be able to see this sight each day as they pass by in their vehicles.  

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