Forensic Analysis of Stormwater Flooding of a Residence

A residence in Jackson MS experienced repeated nuisance flooding during high rain events. The owner sued the city of Jackson as well as the neighboring property owner, claiming that modifications to the neighbor’s fence and landscaping contributed to the flooding. EOE was hired as an expert witness by the defendant to determine the controlling factors for the flooding. Physical analysis included the topography, hydrography, and hydraulic infrastructure of the area, and a detailed site assessment. Document analyses included Federal, state, and local laws and regulations governing stormwater management, infrastructure records of the city of Jackson, and reams of discovery documents.  An analytical model of the neighborhood was developed and used to simulate several hypothetical flooding events. EOE determined that impacts of the neighbor’s fence and landscaping were likely immaterial in the modeled flooding events and that lack of maintenance of culvert entrances was a principal factor.


Client: Carol Bufkin PLC, Jackson, MS

Reports: Interim Progress Reports 1-3

Digital elevation Model (DEM) of the study area, showing the plaintiff's and defendants' residences.



Examples of culverts used to divert stormwater in affected neighborhood.