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Hydrodynamic Climate/Extremal Analysis of Santa Rosa Island, FL
This project provided hydrodynamic climate for use in selecting design conditions for a planned Underwater Marine Sanctuary as part of the Navarre Beach State Park. The hydrodynamic parameters are water levels, wind waves, winds, water currents, and depth of closure. Each parameter was treated separately for normal conditions, that can be expected to occur during any year, and extremal conditions associated with tropical storms and hurricanes. Statistics were compiled from observed data at appropriate measurement sites and numerical models operated by federal and state agencies. Predictions from two or more models were compared, validated with data when possible, and weighted to provide the best solution for this particular site.

FL Department of Environmental Protection/Genesis Group

"Hydrodynamic Climate for Navarre Beach State Park"


Plot of predicted surge elevation for various return periods as provided by different state and federal agencies, illustrating need for improved analysis


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