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Coastal Engineering Services for Escambia County, FL
Provide planning, analysis, design, monitoring, and measurement of coastal processes, coastal structures, and coastal habitats, and consultation and advice as required on coastal engineering issues of concern. Following Hurricane Ivan, the first task was to design, permit, and manage construction of a FEMA-funded emergency protective berm on Perdido Key. EOE conducted a re-analysis of the storm surge return period statistics for Perdido Key including Hurricane Ivan, which resulted in a significantly larger project than FEMA had originally authorized based on pre-Ivan return periods.

Escambia County, FL


Condominium damaged by Hurricane Ivan on Perdido Key, FL


Residential structure damaged by Hurricane Ivan on Perdido Key, FL


New surge return period analysis for Perdido Key, FL by EOE, showing increase of several
ft in the100-year surge elevation when Hurricane Ivan is included in the statistics




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