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“Living Shoreline” Bank Stabilization  
Localized erosion was threatening a roadway on Eglin Air Force Base. FL. The client’s RFP was for a sheet pile or rock retaining wall, but Emerald Ocean Engineering’s bid for a novel marine mattress revetment came in at half the cost of these traditional approaches. Recycled HDPE tensile mattresses filled with recycled concrete rubble were placed on a graded slope, backfilled with soil, and planted with native vegetation. The structure provides hurricane-level protection to the road, the vegetation created new habitat, and a dangerous and unsightly bluff is now an aesthetic slope. Emerald Ocean Engineering provided design, permitting, and construction management.

Eglin Air Force Base, Valparaiso, FL/Northwind, Inc.


Severely eroding shoreline threatens stability of a roadway on Eglin Air Force Base, FL


Placement of marine mattress section on the prepared bank


Completed project at extreme low tide, prior to placement of sod and indigenous emergent vegetation


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